USB Power Delivery… From Powering Your Mouse to Powering Your Computer

Literally Billions of USB connectors are shipped each year, and USB provides data connectivity and power input to electronic devices ranging from your computer mouse and keyboard to digital cameras, storage device, phones, and tablets.

Clearly USB has been a very successful technology. Partly this can be attributed to the thoughtful design of the original USB technology and the positive impact of standardization. By standardizing peripheral interconnections across different electronics manufacturers and platforms, USB became ubiquitous. But to a similar degree, the success of USB has been driven by the consistent efforts of developers to improve the specification and enhance the capabilities of the technology. And, although many of these enhancements have addressed only behind the scenes technical issues, the most visible of them have primarily come in two areas: Data Rates, and Power Delivery.

As USB technology has evolved, it has included an ability to supply increasing amounts of electrical power from one device to another. The earliest USB specification included the ability to supply power to simple peripheral devices like a mouse, keyboard, or small storage drive. Power always flowed from the host side to the device side, and the specification made allowances for powering complex configurations that included multiple cascaded hubs and dozens of peripheral devices.

In the early days, this Power Delivery specification was a secondary capability. It supplied only a very limited amount of power and this power was only supplied in conjunction with a data connection. Later USB specs made allowance for higher levels of simple downstream Power Delivery to accommodate power hungry devices and eliminated the need for common peripherals like portable storage devices to provide their own dedicated power sources.

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