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277VAC rated Power Supplies offer 40W-70W in miniature 2x4" open frame package with Global Certifications including Limited power source (LPS), GTM96700-BWWVV-F

277VAC rated Power Supplies offer 40W-70W in miniature 2x4

GlobTek's range of GTM96700-BWWVV-F 40-70W open frame power supplies offer an industrial grade version with up to 277Vac(RMS)/ 305Vac(peak) nominal rated input. The industrial version is special order, please contact GlobTek for availability. These power supplies are useful when DC power is needed in a building that has a 480V 3-phase installation. In these installations, 277Vac is measured from one of the phases to the neutral connection (480Vac ÷ √3 = 277Vac). 480V 3-phase and 277V single-phase are popular for powering industrial loads, industrial lighting, and HVAC (heating and cooling) equipment. In addition, this family of power supplies also provides global certifications for worldwide markets including the latest North American certification IEC62368-1 with a Limited power source (LPS) rating. A limited power source (LPS), as defined in IEC-60950-1, is a secondary circuit with an open circuit output voltage, VOC, not exceeding the SELV circuit limits of 42.4 VPEAK or 60 VDC.

GlobTek's GTM96700 series of open frame power supplies offers 40-70W options with output voltages from 5VDC to 56VDC. Available options include Class I and Class II grounding options, numerous grounding configurations such as connected and floating earth, 3 industry standard footprints such as 2x4", and 3x5", Standard and custom configurations. Customization is available upon request. Standard products are also certified to Medical (IEC60601-1), ITE (60950-1), ICT (62368-1).

Accessory wiring kits are available from stock to connect these products to systems. Custom wiring kits are available upon request.


  • Low cost
  • High energy density
  • Industry standard footprints
  • Class I and II options
  • Accessory wiring kits available from stock
  • Low leakage current
  • Built to withstand shock and vibration
  • Globally certified for multiple applications
  • 277VAC input option
  • Limited Power Source

Please visit the product datasheet for more info

Please contact GlobTek for more information.