Power Supplies for Information Technology Equipment (ITE)

Information Technology Equipment (ITE) and related systems cover a wide range of products and devices, but the common denominator is reliability and performance. Whether the end user is a single operator or an entire facility, the reliable operation of all IT-related hardware is as important as the software that runs on it. GlobTek’s ITE power supplies offer efficient reliable operation, with multiple options such as communications capability for monitoring and control, Internal or external configurations, multiple outputs, and medical regulatory compliance in hundreds of stock and custom variations.

ITE电源 产品新闻

  • Model Series' GTM91120-30VV-FW and GTM91120-30VV-F offer 30W of power with output options from 5-48VDC in factory set 0.1V increments. This miniature open frame power supply sized 101.6x50.8x22.30mm. This... GTM91120-30VV-FW系列产品, 极其低调的30w医疗,工业和家用电源,裸板高度只有7/8"
  • GlobTek announces a locking option for IEC60320 C14 connections for all of it’s products released in 2016 and onwards which have IEC60320/C14 receptacles. The locking option is comprised of an optional... Standard Medical and ITE External Power Supplies with Locking IEC60320 C14 Connector option
  • GlobTek has a core competence in both designing partially or completely customized plugs or implementing customer specific designs. GlobTek utilizes state of the art software and engineering abilities... Custom Designed Output Plugs Utilizing standard coaxial plug parts help manufacturers keep costs low while ensuring only correct ac power supplies/ac adapters are used in Medical and ITE systems.
  • GTM91110P240VV-FA-S 系列是240W开放式电源内置电源,90-264VAC输入,12-55VDC输出

GTM91110P240VV-FA-S 是Globtek旗舰产品,输出240W,内置开发式,I类和II类版本,全球通用。
GTM91110P240VV-FA-S... GTM91110P240VV-FA-S 系列是240W开放式电源内置电源,90-264VAC输入,12-55VDC输出
  • Globtek进一步丰富了能效等级VI产品线,现推出GT-43105-60VV-X.X-T3系列来替代老款60W适配器产品(电源&充电器),I类接地,IEC320/C14接口,匹配标准的IEC 320/C13AC线。


不仅仅为了满足新一代强制标准,Globtek已经开始开发新一代“绿色”电源,利用控制技术来降低空载功耗,提高电源整体效率。GT-43105系列的能效等级VI电源适配器可以帮助OEM客户领先法规一步来开发出节能产品,符合未来节能减排法律法规要求。... Globtek现推出60W能效等级VI适配器
  • GT-81081-60VV-x.x-T2 & T3(A) Series, which is updated to latest standard NOM-001-SCFI-1993 GT-81081-60XX-T3 represents GlobTek’s up-to 60W (Watt) family of AC-DC Converters which are supplied with IEC... CU for Mexico NOM Certified Class I 60W (Watt) Desktop Switching Power Supplies are now updated to latest standard NOM-001-SCFI-1993 GT-81081-60XX-T3 for 12V, 13.2V, 14V, 15V only
  • GTM930482LI1C2000 represents GlobTek’s 16.8W hybrid desktop / wall plug-in charger family which is Internationally Certified and Approved LPS Class I or Class II Desktop Power supply and provides nearly... GlobTek’s ITE / Medical 16.8W with a balanced dual 4.2Vo @ 2A Desktop / Wall Plug-in, External Switching AC/DC Regulated Charger Offers Safe Li-Ion Charging and is updated to latest WEEE, China RoHS, Ukraine GOST-R, VCCI, RoHS 2, PSE and CE Approvals!
  • Globtek适配器GT(M)-91099-60VV-XX 是60W的桌面式和插墙式混合结构的新产品,符合LPS,有I类带接地和II类不带接地版本,有全球各国安规认证

该系列产品符合IEC60950-1第二版和IEC60601-1... Globtek适配器GT(M)-91099-60VV-XX 是60W的桌面式和插墙式混合结构的新产品,符合LPS,有I类带接地和II类不带接地版本,有全球各国安规认证
  • GTM41080系列是Globtek可换插头插墙式18W适配器。适用于全球各个地区,输入范围为90-164V 50-60Hz交流,出厂配置5V到48V直流输出,最小电压增量0.1V。可换插头有北美/日本NEMA... GTM41080系列是Globtek可换插头插墙式18W适配器。适用于全球各个地区,输入范围为90-164V 50-60Hz交流,出厂配置5V到48V直流输出,最小电压增量0.1V。可换插头有北美/日本NEMA 1-15P,澳洲,英国BS 1363,欧洲CEE 7/16,韩国KS C8305,阿根廷IRAM 2073,中国,印度IS 1923 6A/SANS 164-3/BS546,IEC320/C18,巴西NBR6147,南非SANS 164-1和大不列颠BS 546-15A规格,产品有全球认证。
  • GT41130-T2 & T3(A)是Globtek24W交流适配器 GT41130-T2 & T3(A)是Globtek24W交流适配器
  • Globtek 150W适配器GT-43004P15024-T3取得IEC 60950-1 第二版 和 IEC60601-1 第三版认证,有UL(美国),C-tick(澳大利亚/新西兰),IRAM(阿根廷),BSMI(台湾),CB(全球),CCC(中国)Demko(欧洲),NRCAN(加拿大),Spring(新加坡),SIQ(欧洲),Gost(俄罗斯,UkrSEPRO(乌克兰)和EK(韩国,仅24V)认证。
该150W适配器符合能效等级V,尺寸为172.5... Globtek 150W适配器GT-43004P15024-T3取得IEC 60950-1 第二版 和 IEC60601-1 第三版认证,有UL(美国),C-tick(澳大利亚/新西兰),IRAM(阿根廷),BSMI(台湾),CB(全球),CCC(中国)Demko(欧洲),NRCAN(加拿大),Spring(新加坡),SIQ(欧洲),Gost(俄罗斯,UkrSEPRO(乌克兰)和EK(韩国,仅24V)认证。
  • GT-41062-1805-T3 18 Watt Family of ITE desktop power supplies with 5V output

Description / Features / Specifications:
GT-41062-1805-T3 ITE grade model represents GlobTek’s 18 Watt desktop series of... 5V, 3.6A Desktop LPS AC Adapter Power Supply Fullfills requirements for applications of 1-18W and 6,000 units are available from STOCK!
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