GlobTek US Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility in Northvale, NJ
American flag GlobTek, Inc. USA

186 Veterans Drive
Northvale, NJ 07647

Tel: +1-201-784-1000
Fax: +1.201.784.0111
33,000 sq. ft.
65 Employees

GlobTek China Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility in Suzhou, China
Chinese flag GlobTek (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.
Asia Pacific Regional Factory

Building 4, City Illumination
Industrial Park,
76 East Jinling Road,
Weting Town,
Suzhou Industrial Park,
Suzhou, 215021

Tel: +86-512-6279-0301
Fax: +86-512-6279-0355
500 Employees

GlobTek brings to power supply design and production the same skills and advantages that have made us number one customer"s choice for over 34 years. Our vertical integration, highly efficient facilities, and steadfast obligation to quality and service excellence have enabled us to provide high-value custom engineered power supplies to many satisfied customers.

GlobTek engineers, designs, and manufactures both standard and customized AC-AC, AC-DC, and DC-DC power supplies. Our designs fulfill power requirements ranging from 5 watts to 2 kilowatts. GlobTek's greatest advantage is our pledge to serving our customers. Recognizing your need to lower costs and get products to market faster, our team delivers your solution on time and on budget.

GlobTek can meet your most challenging requirements. Our custom design and manufacturing process starts with our in-house engineering staff, all of whom have extensive experience in power supply engineering, high voltage applications, and project management. Our design team is equipped with the most sophisticated computer design and analysis tools available. We will work according to your specifications, or work jointly with you to develop a specification for your product.

GlobTek's design team works integrally with our customers to prepare custom product for prototyping and manufacturing. GlobTek's modern facilities host production projects from large OEM runs to small lots for special applications. Our devoted areas for R&D and prototyping permit GlobTek to offer unparalleled flexibility in bringing customer requirements to realization.

GlobTek's production capabilities allow for extreme flexibility in compliance with customer's special requirements. With wholly owned and managed manufacturing facilities in New Jersey, USA and Suzhou, China GlobTek can easily provide what other power supply manufacturers may consider “above and beyond a power supply”. GlobTek can provide special manufacturing processes, special testing programs, special mechanical and electrical design, custom packaging, and many other customer requests.


In-House Engineering Capabilities

Some of GlobTek's in-house engineering equipment
GlobTek engineering and manufacturing facilities in US and China
  • EMC Tests
  • Conducted EMI
  • Electrostatic Discharge Test per EN 61000-4-2
  • Line Surge Test per EN 61000-4-5
  • Electrical Fast Transient Test per EN 61000-4-4
  • Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity tests per EN 61000-4-11

  • Safety Tests
  • Earth Leakage Test
  • Enclosure Leakage Test
  • Dielectric Withstand Test
  • Elevated Temperature Test Up to 150C
  • Sub zero Temperature Test Down to –50C
  • Ground Continuity Test
  • Earth Bonding Test

GlobTek Engineers:

  • Northvale
  • 12 Electrical Engineers
  • 2 CAD Engineers
  • 6 Engineering Technicians

  • Germany
  • 2 Electrical Engineers

  • China
  • 2 Engineering Groups:
    • Group 1
    • 2 Electrical Engineers
    • 1 PCB Layout Engineer
    • 1 CAD Engineer (for 3D)
    • 1 CAD Engineer (for DC cord, packing and label)
    • Group 2
    • 3 Electrical Engineers
    • 1 PCB Layout Engineer
    • 1 CAD Engineer (for 3D)
    • 1 CAD Engineer (for DC cord, packing and label)

  • Others
  • 1 PM Engineer
  • 1 Engineering Assistant
  • 1 Sample Material Expeditor
  • 1 Document Control
  • 1 Component Technician
  • 1 Sample facture
  • 1 RD Supervisor

Custom Power Supply Development and Production Capabilities

  • AC/AC Power supplies and power systems (including Ballasts) for Industrial, Medical, and Commercial Applications
  • AC/DC Power Supplies for and power systems for Industrial and Commercial Applications
  • AC/DC Power Supplies for and power systems for Medical Applications
  • DC/DC Power Supplies for and power systems for Industrial, Medical, and Commercial Applications
  • AC/DC and DC/DC Charging systems for stationary and mobile systems
  • High Voltage DC-DC and AC-DC power supplies for Industrial and Medical Systems
  • Ultra wide temperature range power supplies from -40 ~ +80 Deg C
  • Redundant, Hot-Swappable Battery Packs
  • 作为全球领先的电源和电力电子解决方案供应商,Globtek遵循提供高质量产品和服务的承诺,现在其产品GTM93021-P2 3-56V输出取得CE/EMC认证,符合最新版欧洲标准。

GTM93021是ITE(60950)电源,全范围输入,密封灌胶封装,单芯接线符合北美UL-514-A,... IP68防水电源GTM93021-P2符合CE和EMC标准EN55022,输出电压从3V到56VDC,最大功率20W
  • Continuing to pursue its commitment to quality products and service, GlobTek, a world-class provider of power supplies and power electronic solutions announces it’s 50W dual output channel open frame... 0 to 100v programmable voltage output Medical (60601-1) Internal Open Frame Power Supply designed to meet ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 and EN/IEC 60601-1, 3rd edition is rated up to 50W output with dual outputs, Model Series GTM93038-50VV-X.X-FW
  • Globtek推出超宽范围输入的1:3 DC/DC电源模块,输入电压为50-150VDC,输出电压出厂配置5-55VDC。该模块有开放式和密封/灌胶版本。


* 50-150Vdc输入... GTD93035H6013.2-F(R) 是60W超宽范围输入(1:3)DC/DC电源,DC输入电压为50-150VDC,非常适合车载,机车/火车应用
  • Globtek推出超宽范围输入的1:6 DC/DC电源模块,输入电压为9-60VDC,输出电压出厂配置5-55VDC。该模块有开放式和密封/灌胶版本。

*... GTD93035L6013.2-F(R) 是60W超宽范围输入(1:6)DC/DC电源,DC输入电压为9-60VDC,非常适合车载,机车/火车应用
  • 作为全球领先的电源和电力电子解决方案供应商,Globtek遵循提供高质量产品和服务的承诺,现在其产品GTM43004P系列取得CBTL Intertek ETL医疗标准CB报告,标准为最新版IEC... 内置开放式医疗电源(60601-1)GTM43004P-F是120W输出,输出电压12-48V之间可选,有IEC 60601-1: 2005 + CORR. 1 (2006) + CORR. 2 (2007) 和EN 60601-1:2006 + A11:2011的CB报告
  • Continuing to pursue its commitment to quality products and service, GlobTek, a world-class provider of power supplies and power electronic solutions, announces that it’s Wall plug in power supply AC... Wall plug in power supply AC Adapter operating temperature specifications upgraded to -40°C TO +40° C for applications used in extreme climates and conditions, Model series GT-43007
  • 作为全球领先的电源和电力电子解决方案供应商,Globtek遵循提供高质量产品和服务的承诺,现在其防水电源GT(M)91099 -P2 –P3 –F -FW系列取得UL认证,标准为最新版美国和加拿大标准UL... 防水电源GT(M)91099 -P2 –P3系列符合IP67标准
  • By Alix Paultre, GlobTek (

In environments where hard use and high reliability requirements meet, power distribution considerations become critical infrastructure decisions. Sometimes... Addressing Power Distribution in a Multi-Device Kiosk Environment
  • Suitable for use in a variety of medical, ITE, and PoE applications, the GTM91110P240 Family of open-frame AC/DC switchmode power supplies from GlobTek deliver up to 240W in a 3 x 5-inch footprint. The... Medically-Approved Open-Frame Switchers Deliver up to 240W
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By David Rakovsky, COO

Not every thermal challenge involves hot or wet environments, as we recently found out when GlobTek provided a power supply solution to serve an RFID application. Addressing Power Challenges in High-Altitude Applications
  • 医疗高压电源系列可提供定制解决方案,最高可达
500W。单双输出电源设备最高电压达到6.5 kV。包装选
... HV电源提供定制解决方案
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