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Battery Packs: Custom Design and Assembly

Power quality has emerged as a much discussed topic within the last ten years and is anticipated to remain a critical factor as more applications become microprocessor-based. With increased dependency upon electronics, the need and requirement for power quality is not expected to cease.

Customers can rely on GlobTek to design safe and reliable custom battery packs from simple sealed lead-acid batteries to complex lithium ion packs including electronic safety, monitoring, and charge control circuitry. Our extensive experience in power supply products, plastic housings, interconnects, and electronic circuitry gives us a tremendous competitive advantage over battery assemblers who outsource many of the key processes required to build a state-of-the-art portable power source.

GlobTek’s ability to match our custom battery packs to a custom battery charger designed for each specific application also keeps our customers a step ahead of the competition. We design and optimize both battery pack and battery charger during the design phase to provide the best possible performance.

UL1642 Listing Card 信息咨询/询价

GlobTek Quality Control Engineering

Battery Cell Types


电池类型 Vdc 充电寿命 容量 性价比 备注
NiMH 1.2 500 to 1,000 300 100% None
NiCd 1.2 300 to 500 134 80% Memory, disposal
Li-Ion 3.6 300 to 400 287 200% Safety/fire, disposal

Battery Cell Sources

Battery packs can be assembled from cells made by internationally recognized brands or from lower cost, lesser known Chinese manufacturers based on customer requirements and application demands. Popular brands include:

We can source and buy any customer specified battery or can help select based on requirements.

  • Portable medical equipment
  • Handheld electronics
  • Safety and security
  • Military and aerospace
  • Power Tools and Appliances
  • Communications
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Data Collection
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Rechargeable Household and Commercial Products
  • Test and Measurement Devices
  • UPS Systems
  • Custom Battery Pack Design
  • Battery Management Circuit Design
  • SMBus communication design between pack, charger, & system
  • Microcontroller software design for customized capabilities
  • Performance Verification
  • Custom Charger Development
  • Battery Pack Assembly
  • PCB Assembly
  • Mechanical Design and fabrication of Plastic and/or metal parts or enclosures
  • Production Testing
  • Environmentally controlled Storage
  • Regulatory Approvals
  • Transportation Testing such as UN38.3 Test
内置充电电路的 10.8V,2.6Ah电池组
内置充电电路的 10.8V,2.6Ah电池组
电池组包含3节串联的Samsung 锂电池,提供28.86WHr(2.6AHr)电量,内置低成本充电电路,可以用于移动产品和其他需要后备电源应用。Globtek的BL2600C1865003S1PGQG电池...

锂离子和锂聚合物电池组 锂离子和锂聚合物电池组
Globtek的GS-2262系列 的锂电池充电器是给Globtek GL-523434A2的锂离子和锂聚合物电池组充电的一个紧凑并经济的充电方案。该产品能够根据特定应用提供定制功能同时提供为锂电池充电提供最高安全...
Globtek的5格锂离子和锂聚合 物电池充电器底座符合IEC60950(ITE),UL1310(Class II),IEC60601-1(医疗) 和国际EMC标准。该充电器充电分三个阶段:调整,快速恒流充电和恒压终止。充电器会根据最小电流来确定终止充电同时还有一个可编程的充电时钟来提供一个...
78W 内嵌电池式直流/交流输入UPS电源
78W 内嵌电池式直流/交流输入UPS电源
GlobTek GS-480 UPS电源设计提供高达50W的持续输出功率,可给锂电池(规格为12V 6Ahr)充电,功率高达38W,12.6V。机种包含一种或两种直流额定输出, 适用于通用输入:85-264...
6W ITE/医疗充电座符合RoHS,能源之星以及加州能源委员会(CEC)标准
6W ITE/医疗充电座符合RoHS,能源之星以及加州能源委员会(CEC)标准
环球特科 GTM91094 系列桌面充电座符合国际 Class II, 为双重加强绝缘结构 . 规定输出电压为 : 5V- 48Vdc, 增益为 0.1V, 连续输出功率高达 6W. 封闭电源都装在耐冲击性的非密封聚碳酸酯上下盖里,热传导冷却。盒盖尺寸:...
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